Artist Statement

Through a long art journey, she's known as an accomplished hand embroiderer and contemporary artist while not limiting herself to any one medium. Her work is Influenced by her world travels where she draws from the colors, patterns, and textures of nature. She incorporates many styles of painting and textile work from formal education guidance to being influenced by many cultures. Years spent absorbing history and all forms of art and textiles energize creativity.

Using traditional arts education and mastery in the fine art of needlework allows for my belief structure and art to be balanced.   Apprenticed trained, I have worked as an artist in the US, Thailand, India, South Korea, France, the UK, Spain, and Sweden primarily focused on painting, and textile arts.    As a teacher and worker of needle arts, time is spent focused on precision and the details found in the art of Heraldry. Every detail from creating a design, tracing, and stitching, to displaying and lecturing on the value of craftsmanship must be of the highest value and quality.   Painting and printmaking are my expressive self and the nature of how the world is reflected in me. Most of my time in the painting realm is focused on dialogue using watercolor, gouache mediums, and vintage and newly created Japanese stencils to allow for texture and color depth. Print work is performed on handmade silk fabric and paper. Every environment has its own issues with how to maintain an eco-component in its practice. Creating practices that lead to a slow art movement allows for the stewardship of space and teaching opportunities. 

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